• GST Token

    The GST Token is an ERC20 Standard Ethereum token with the purpose to create equalized incentives for our whole network to create more quality meetups, connections and bridges built between tech communities in emerging markets

    The GST Token will create a systematic reward system in our own decentralized application for our GST community members and partners to request or facilitate more tech meetups, warm introductions, and data to learn more and get connected with tech communities in emerging markets.

    Enticing More Meaningful Face to Face Encounters between tech communities.

    The GST community has been connecting, bridging and fostering partnerships between tech ecosystems since 2014. We have seen the rise of the tech sector in the Global South by way of organizing 90+ tech events around the world.


    We see a natural fit to create a GST community crypto token as a unifying force for our members, partners, and chapter leaders to have sustained investment in our community while building trust, reputation and a financial reward all at the same time.


    We will sell the tokens to existing partners and community members for them to engage successfully in different regions and ecosystems from within our network. These tokens will be given to our chapter leaders around the world based on meeting the expectations set by our programs, partners, and members.